Secretary General previews NATO Summit in keynote speech

  • 04 Jun. 2021

Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg previewed the 14 June NATO Summit in an online keynote address on Friday (4 June 2021), co-hosted by NATO, the German Council on Foreign Relations, and the Brookings Institution. Describing a world of growing global competition, he explained that ”through NATO 2030, we are adapting to a more competitive world,” adding that “ambitions must be high, as the challenges to our security are great.”

Mr Stoltenberg outlined a number of key decision areas for the Summit, under the NATO 2030 agenda. This includes strengthening NATO as a forum for political consultations; reinforcing collective defence through increased readiness, modernized capabilities, and more investment; and developing Alliance-wide resilience objectives to make societies less vulnerable to attack and coercion. The Secretary General also outlined plans to boost transatlantic innovation, including with a new “defence accelerator” to foster cooperation; work to uphold the rules-based international order, including by deepening partnerships; and plans to step up training and capacity-building for partners. He further explained that NATO must address the security consequences of climate change, by reducing military emissions and contributing to “Net Zero”. Leaders will also agree to develop NATO’s next Strategic Concept, he said.

To do all of this we need to invest more,” said Mr Stoltenberg, welcoming seven years of consecutive defence spending increases by European Allies and Canada. He added: “we should not only invest more, we should also invest better. That is why we should increase NATO’s common-funded budget.” He explained that this would “help fund more joint training and exercises, stronger cyber defences, cutting-edge capabilities, and more capacity-building for our partners,” calling joint investment a “force multiplier” and a “strong message of unity and resolve”.

The Secretary General noted that new “polling confirms that over 80 percent of our citizens consider the relationship between North America and Europe important in dealing with security challenges,” adding: “this makes an ambitious NATO 2030 agenda even more relevant.



Bishop Garrison: Biden’s Racist Tool for a Military Purge

“Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the Republican party?”



Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.

“One extremist is one too many,” Bishop Garrison told a Center for American Progress seminar.

Garrison, the man tasked by the Biden administration with fighting “extremism” in the military, had reversed Blackstone’s ratio, “It is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer.” It was better to wreck the careers of a million soldiers to find one extremist.

The Elizabeth Warren supporter was talking about his plans to fight extremism to a leftist group run by one of Biden’s few nominees so extreme she couldn’t manage to get past the Senate.

Speaking alongside Garrison was Jessica Gonzalez of Change the Terms, an organization advocating for more internet censorship, formerly of the National Hispanic Media Coalition which coordinated with La Raza whose name means The Race and was derived from the works of Nazi collabotator Jose Vasconcelos. Antonia Hernandez, another participant, had taken part in a La Raza convention. But these weren’t the extremists that Garrison was looking for.

Bishop Garrison is the sort of man who writes that, “when I walk into a room — a conference room, a board room, an auditorium, a lecture hall — I count the black and brown faces.”

The man in charge of hunting for extremism is a firm believer in systemic racism.

He speaks in the dogmatic cant of critical race theory, tweeting about “intersectionality” in national security, promoted Ta-Nehisi Coates’ call for racial reparations, and hails the racist revisionist history of the 1619 Project.

To Garrison, America is suffering from the “original sin of slavery” and “the threat of systemic racism is one of our greatest national security challenges.” Racism, he claims, is an “existential threat” and he sees it everywhere around him except when he looks in the bathroom mirror.

When Governor Ron DeSantis told Florida voters not to “monkey this up”, Garrison replied, “it was absolutely racist. To defend the statement is to defend racism.” But Garrison also defended the Portland Antifa rioters, insisting that the riots were a “peace demonstration against racism”.

Garrison had previously accused President Trump of “normalizing” extremists. “Support for him, a racist, is support for ALL his beliefs,” he had ranted. But he defended Rep. Ilhan Omar and Rep. Rashida Tlaib as women of color “facing racism led by the President of the United States.”

This is the hateful radical race-driven psyche of the man appointed to head the Countering Extremism Working Group whose first task is to create a definition of extremism for the military.

That definition would be used to prohibit “extremist activities among uniformed military personnel”, ask recruits about “previous extremist behavior” and urge “veterans” to report “any potential contact with an extremist group”. The Uniformed Military Code of Justice would be used to punish recruits and existing personnel found guilty of not informing on themselves.

The surveillance program included a proposal to vet candidates for national security positions by spying on their social media using algorithms that would scan for specific keywords.

After spending generations holding up the Army-McCarthy hearings as the epitome of fascism, leftists were embedding political tests, warning service members to inform on their own political views and those of their fellow service members, and threatening to punish those who would not inform in a purge of the military rank and file that McCarthy would never have dreamed of.

A leftist movement that was once outraged over, “Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the Communist party?”is asking, “Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the Republican party?”

All to find that one “extremist”.

To Garrison, extremism means President Trump and Republicans.

When President Trump criticized how Democrats had wrecked Baltimore, Garrison attacked him and tweeted, “the battle against racism & extremism is an issue of national security.”

Garrison reflexively blamed all racism, no matter how implausibly, on Trump and Republicans.

Even when a Texas school official posted, “You can’t count on a black quarterback”, Garrison blamed Trump.

Racism, in Garrison’s mind, is reducible to President Trump and his supporters. Anyone in the military who supports him is probably a dangerous racist and extremist.

The Countering Extremism Working Group had been tasked by Biden and Secretary of Defense Austin  to purge the military of Trump supporters in order to fight extremism. Garrison was on the job, appearing at leftist seminars and events vowing to defeat the threat of: extremism”.

But what had occasioned the crisis of extremism? The last two personnel to carry out terrorist attacks while serving in the military were Major Nidal Hassan and Sergeant Hasan Akbar.

Neither of the Muslim terrorists wore MAGA hats while they set out to murder Americans.

But Garrison had not been put in charge of fighting against Islamic terrorist plots. What had he been put in charge of fighting? At the  Center for American Progress seminar, Garrison slipped and said, “this type of ideology—excuse me, this type of behavior—is not acceptable”.

Garrison quickly corrected “ideology” to “behavior”, but it was too late.

Biden’s hit man for the military had made it clear that he was out to purge ideology, not to change behavior. The military was going to eliminate political wrong-think.

That’s a direct attack on the Constitution.

Garrison went on to define extremism as “unlawful or unregulated militias” and “anti-government extremism”. Not to mention “extremism based in immutable traits. Whether you’re talking about race or gender or ethnicity, none of it is acceptable and we wholeheartedly reject all of it”.

Believing that women and men were immutably different was now a form of extremism that Garrison and Biden were going to fight. One “extremist” who believes men and women are different was too many for Biden’s new woke army. And, indeed, Garrison had urged CVE or Countering Violent Extremism, originally used against Al Qaeda, for “misogynists”.

Because the agenda is much bigger than just pursuing the phantom menace of extremism.

Garrison’s big gimmick had been tying national security to leftist policies and personnel.

Bishop Garrison has spent a decade arguing that military readiness is inseparable from diversity and that diversity depends on implementing identity politics and every leftist program.

Therefore, according to him, our national security depends on everything from illegal alien amnesty to global warming to renaming Fort Benning, and President Trump’s refusal to remove the names of Confederate figures from military bases “jeopardizes U.S. national security”.

The Biden administration is plotting to transform the military by making national security inseparable from the leftist agenda. Garrison’s CEWG purge of the military is just setting the terms for a new definition of military leadership whose allegiance is purely to the leftist program.

Any officer who doesn’t support the leftist program becomes a threat to national security.

Like Stalin’s purge of the generals, Biden is undermining national security for political security, plotting to eliminate political opponents and transform the military into a leftist institution..

In the last 5 years, Democrats have hijacked national security to criminalize political disagreement as “disinformation” while spying on political opponents for “counterintelligence”.

This is just the beginning.

The purge will begin with imposing critical race theory on the military at every level. It will end with redefining the allegiance of the military away from the Constitution, and radicalize it into another ‘woke’ organization driven by the revolutionary imperatives of destroying America.

Like the Ivy League and Coca Cola, the military will become another former American institution whose leaders speak in critical race theory buzzwords, focused on purging political enemies, funding leftist causes, and tightening the death grip of the Left on the United States.

The Democrats may not succeed in their plot, but they will do their damndest to try. And Republicans will, as happens all too often, do nothing to stop the plot against our military.

A weakened America is facing a possible war with the People’s Republic of China. While the threat grows, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Bishop Garrison are fighting the military.

“Ensuring our security means eradicating hate in our ranks,” Garrison has argued.

It’s not the job of the military to brainwash soldiers or to control what they think. The men and women who join the military put their lives on the line to protect our country. Ensuring our security means freeing them from being harassed by racist witch hunters like Bishop Garrison.

And letting them do their job of protecting our country from Communist China.

Biden militarized our nation’s capital and demilitarized our border. He surrendered to Communist China and went to war against our own military. Garrison, like his Democrat bosses, spends a good deal of time throwing around words like “sedition” and “treason”.

But this is real treason.


Suriye, Libya, Irak, Ukrayna, Afganistan: Biden-Erdoğan görüşmesinin şifreleri

Cumhurbaşkanı Erdoğan’ın ABD Başkanı Biden ile 14 Haziran’da yapacağı önemli konuları görüşecek. Suriye’den Libya’ya, Ukrayna, Afganistan ve FETÖ/PKK meselelerine ilişkin pek çok başlığın ele alınacağı zirvenin şifrelerini Taha Dağlı yazdı.

Suriye, Libya, Irak, Ukrayna, Afganistan: Biden-Erdoğan görüşmesinin şifreleri


ABD‘de yapılan seçimlerin ardından göreve gelen Joe Biden ile Cumhurbaşkanı Erdoğan fiziken ilk görüşmesini 14 Haziran tarihinde gerçekleştirecek. Seçim sonrasında bu güne ve geçmiş ABD Başkanlığı döneminden kalan sorunların da ele alınacağı zirvede, masada çok önemli konu başlıkları olacak.

ABD-Türkiye ittifakı temelinde yapılacak görüşmenin detaylarında Ukrayna, Suriye, Libya, PKK/FETÖ meseleleri ile Afganistan konularının ele alınması beklenirken, Kanal 7 Dış Haberler Koordinatörü ve Haber7.com yazarı Taha Dağlı, kritik zirvenin şifrelerini yazdı.


ABD’deki ana akım medyanın en kuvvetli temsilcilerinden olan Waall Street Journal’da  Profesör Walter Russel Mead imzalı makaleye değinen Dağlı, Türkiye’nin eski Türkiye olarak görülmemesi gerektiği algısının ABD kamuoyunda da oluştuğunu ve bu yönde bir görüşmenin yapılması gerektiği yönündeki fikirlere dikkat çekti:

“Burası dedenizin Türkiye’si değil”.
Amerika’nın en önemli gazetelerinden Wall Street Journal’da dün Profesör Walter Russel Mead imzalı makalenin başlığı böyleydi.

Hem ABD’nin hem de Türkiye’nin içinde bulunduğu durum özetlenmiş.
Her ikisinin de eksileri artıları yazılmış.
Ve asıl meseleye gelinmiş.
“Ankara, Soğuk Savaş’taki gibi sadık bir şekilde Batı yanlısı değil, ama yine de önemli bir müttefik” diyor yazar.”


Profesor Mead’ın yazısında bir diğer noktaya dikkat çeken Dağlı, Biden’ın ABD-Türkiye’nin mevcut ittifakını kurtarmak için değil, Türkiye ile yeni bir ittifak başlatabilmesi için çağrıda bulunduğunu ifade etti:

“Biden’a mühim bir tavsiyede bulunuyor.
“Biden’ın, Erdoğan’la yapacağı görüşmede işi, eski ABD-Türkiye ittifakını kurtarmak değil, yeni bir ittifakın temelini atmaktır” diyor.

“Washington bundan böyle Türkiye’nin Hollanda, Norveç veya İspanya gibi davranmasını beklerse, ilişki her iki tarafı da hayal kırıklığına uğratır” ifadesini kullanıyor.”


Özellikle Türkiye’nin uluslararası konumuna dikkat çekilen yazıda, Türkiye’nin dış politikada bağımsız olmaya devam edeceği belirtildi:

“Türkiye’nin AB arasının bozuk olduğunu, ekonomisinin iyi olmadığını ve Ortadoğu’da da sıkıntılar yaşadığını söylüyor.
Ama yine de “Ankara’nın dış politikası daha bağımsız olmaya devam edecektir” diye ekliyor.

Ve Biden yönetiminin Türkiye’yi eski Türkiye gibi görmemesi gerektiğini ısrarla vurguluyor.
Türkiye ile ilişkiler için yeni bir düşünce biçimi geliştirilmesinin şart olduğuna dikkat çekiyor.

Wall Street Journal gibi bir gazetede bu kritik görüşme öncesi böyle bir makalenin yayınlanması önemli.”


Dağlı, zirveye ilişkin kritik detayların olduğunu ve bu detaylar doğrultusunda yapılacak görüşmenin büyük öneme sahip olduğunu ifade ederken, ortak payda ve hedeflerin bu noktada çözüm unsuru olabileceğine değindi:

“İki lider 14 Haziran’da görüşecek.
Türkiye’nin niyeti halis. ABD ile ilişkileri yoluna koymak istiyor. Bunu açıkça da söylüyor.
Tek şartı da eşitlik ilkesinin geçerli olması.
Yani en doğal hakkını talep ediyor.
Şayet ABD’nin niyeti de halis ise Walter Russell’in söylediği gibi ortak çıkarlarda buluşup, hedefe odaklanmak çok da zor olmasa gerek.

Peki nedir o ortak paydalar?

ABD için olmazsa olmaz yerler var.
Suriye, Libya, Irak, Ukrayna, Afganistan.
Tamamında Türkiye var.
ABD buralarda Türkiye olmadan denklem kuramıyor.
Nedeni çok basit?
Türkiye’nin aşırı güçlü ya da ABD’nin çok zayıf oluşundan değil.
Bu bölgelerde Rusya’nın da olması. Hatta İran’ın da olması.
ABD, Rusya ile rekabet alanı olan yerlerde Türkiye’yle denklem kurmak zorunda.
Şayet Rusya gerçekten ABD için bir rakip, tehdit veya daha ötesiyse, aynı durum İran için de geçerliyse, ABD bu bölgelerde Türkiye’ye ihtiyaç duymaktadır.”


Dağlı iki ülkenin ortak çıkarları noktasında söyledikleri şu şekilde:

“Misal Afganistan. ABD çıkmak istiyor ama meydanı boş bırakmak istemiyor.
Peki ne yapıyor?
Türkiye’nin Afganistan’daki ağırlığından istifade etmeye çalışıyor.
Kabil havalimanını Türkiye kontrol etsin diye, teklifte bulunuyor.

Misal Suriye.
PKK unsurlarıyla beraberler.
Terör devletini kurup, çekip gitmek istiyorlar.
Ama meydanı da Ruslara veya İranlılara bırakmak istemiyorlar.
O zaman terör devleti sevdasından vaz geçip, Suriye’de Türkiye ile bir yolunu bulup, anlaşmalılar.

Başka yerler de var.
Azerbaycan ve Kafkaslar gibi.

Buralarda ABD, Rusya ve Çin’le limitsiz bir rekabet halinde.
Ve bunu Amerikalılar da itiraf ediyor ki, Rusya ve Çin’le rekabete girerken, Türkiye’nin içinde bulunduğu denkleme ihtiyaçları var.

Özbekistan, Kazakistan ve Kırgızistan gibi ülkeler ABD için son derece önemli.
Başı boş bıraksalar Ruslarla, Çinlilerin egemenliğine kalacak.
Rakiplerini sınırlayabilmek için yine Türkiye’ye ihtiyaçları var.

Elbette Türkiye, PKK ve unsurlarıyla mücadelede ABD’yi yanında ister, FETÖ’nün teslim edilmesini bekler.
Ama ABD bunu yapmaz.
Aslına bakarsanız artık Türkiye’nin PKK ve unsurlarıyla ya da FETÖ ile mücadelesinde herhangi birinin yardımına ihtiyacı da kalmadı, sadece ayak altında dolaşan olmasın kafi, Türkiye kendi göbeğini kendi kesebiliyor.

Ama bunun karşılığında S400 yüzünden F35 projesi ile intikam alınmaya kalkışılmasın.
Ya da başka rövanşlar peşine düşülmesin.
Belki de yeni dönemde Türkiye, Blinken’ın söylediği gibi ABD için sözde müttefik olacaktır.
Ama en azından görüş ayrılıkları ile ortak paydalar, keskin çizgilerle belirlenecek ve ilişkiler ona göre yeniden şekillendirilecektir.
Aksi halde ipler daha da gerilir ve bu durum her iki ülke çıkarları için de olumsuz sonuç sağlamamış olur.”




ABD ve NATO çekildi! Türkiye’den sürpriz teklif…

Reuters’ın Türk ve Amerikan yetkililere dayandırdığı haberine göre, Türkiye, NATO’nun Afganistan’dan çekilmesi sonrası Kabil havalimanını korumayı teklif etti. ABD’nin ise bu talebe olumlu baktığı belirtildi.

Son dakika: ABD ve NATO çekildi! Türkiye'den sürpriz teklif...


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