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Polls: Sa’ar’s new party could oust Netanyahu


According to the polls, the New Hope party would gain between 15 to 18 seats in the Knesset, making it the second largest party behind Likud’s projected 25 to 27 seats.

By Lauren Marcus, World Israel News

Polls from three major Israeli news networks on Wednesday show that Gideon Sa’ar’s New Hope party could potentially disrupt Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Likud party’s long-standing control of the Israeli political system.

Sa’ar, a veteran Likud lawmaker who was once considered a successor to Netanyahu, resigned from the Knesset on Wednesday after declaring his intention to establish a new right-wing party, called New Hope.

In a speech on Tuesday evening, he said, “Likud has changed its character dramatically in recent years. I can no longer support the Netanyahu-led government or be a member of a Likud party led by him… Today, Israel needs unity and stability — Netanyahu can offer neither.”

According to the polls from Kan News, Channel 12 and Channel 13, New Hope would gain between 15 to 18 seats in the Knesset, making it the second largest party behind Likud’s projected 25 to 27 seats.

Center-left opposition party Yesh Atid would win 15 seats and the Arab Joint List alliance would win 11.

Sephardic haredi party Shas would win 8 seats, and Ashkenazi haredi party United Torah Judaism would win 7.

If the polls are accurate, this could mean that the next round of elections has the potential to oust Netanyahu from power.

New Hope could join a coalition with Yesh Atid, right-wing Yamina (17 projected seats) and Yisrael Beitenu (7 projected seats) parties, both of whom have pledged to never join forces with Netanyahu, and form a government without Likud.

The Blue and White party, led by alternate prime minister and Defense Minister Benny Gantz, would likely fare badly in upcoming elections, with a projected 5 to 7 seats won.

After winning 33 seats in the March 2020, Gantz’s decision to join the coalition with Netanyahu was viewed as a betrayal by many of the party’s voters. Blue and White had previously promised to never join forces with Netanyahu.

Former Blue and White MKs Tzvi Hauser and Yoaz Hendel have already declared their intention to join Sa’ar’s party.

The polls are operating under the assumption that general elections will take place in March 2021. Blue and White voted for a bill to disperse the Knesset and call new elections earlier this week, with March 16th posed as a potential new election date.

The bill still needs to pass additional readings in the Knesset.

Blue and White and Likud have long been locked in a stalemate over the national budget. If no budget is passed by December 23rd, the Knesset will be automatically dissolved.

However, there is a possibility that Blue and White and Likud will figure out a last-minute compromise to avoid general elections in March 2021, which are projected to hurt both parties.


Türkiye’den yeni hamle! Artık onu taşıyor

Gelen haberine göre; Cumhurbaşkanlığı Savunma Sanayii Başkanlığı (SSB) tarafından yürütülen Meltem-3 Projesi‘nde ilk P-72 Deniz Karakol Uçağı, düzenlenen törenle Deniz Kuvvetleri Komutanlığına teslim edildi.

Irak eski Başbakanı İbadi’den, Kasım Süleymani suikastine ilişkin şok açıklama

Irak eski Başbakanı İbadi’den, Kasım Süleymani suikastine ilişkin şoke edici açıklamalar geldi. İbadi: “Suikastta ABD SİHA’sı, Iraklı yetkililerden onay aldı” ifadesini kullandı.

Irak eski Başbakanı Haydar İbadi, bu yılın başlarında Irak’ın başkenti Bağdat’ta düzenlenen ve İranlı General Kasım Süleymani’nin hayatını kaybetmesiyle sonuçlanan suikast ilişkin şok edici bir açıklamada bulundu.

İbadi, suikastı gerçekleştiren ABD SİHA’sının Iraklı yetkililerden onay aldığını söyledi.

Irak eski Başbakanı İbadi’den, Kasım Süleymani suikastine ilişkin şok açıklama
ABD, bu yılın başlarında İran Devrim Muhafızları’nın Kudüs Gücü biriminin komutanı General Kasım Süleymani’yi, Uluslararası Bağdat Havalimanı yakınlarında düzenlediği SİHA saldırısıyla öldürmüştü.
Irak eski Başbakanı İbadi’den, Kasım Süleymani suikastine ilişkin şok açıklama

Saldırının ardından bölgede gerilim tavan yaparken, suikast emrini veren ABD Başkanı Donald Trump, Süleymani’nin çok daha önce ortadan kaldırılması gerektiğini söylemişti.

Irak resmi televizyon kanalına konuşan Irak eski Başbakanı Haydar İbadi, İranlı General’in suikastine ilişkin şok edici bir açıklama yaptı.

Irak eski Başbakanı İbadi’den, Kasım Süleymani suikastine ilişkin şok açıklama

İbadi, İran’ın Orta Doğu’daki politikalarının mimarı Süleymani ile Şii Haşdi Şabi Başkan Yardımcısı Ebu Mehdi el-Mühendis’i öldüren ABD SİHA’sının Iraklı yetkililerden onay aldığını söyledi.


Είναι ο μόνος που υψώνει τείχος κατά της “Μεγάλης Επανεκκίνησης“!




Americans Said No to Coronavirus Contact Tracing Spy Apps

But will they be able to stay off the “national server” if the Democrats take over?


Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.

When the NHS, Britain’s socialized medicine system, debuted its contact tracing app, six million eagerly rushed to download it. After a few days, 10 million had downloaded and installed the app, and after a month, around 40% of smartphone users had put a monitoring device on their phones that would trace their social interactions and could tell them to isolate at any moment.

In October, Governor Cuomo launched a New York contact tracing app based on technology from Google and Apple, and some assistance from Bloomberg’s organization.

“It’s going to not only bring contact tracing to a new level,” Cuomo boasted, while claiming that it wouldn’t violate anyone’s privacy.

Few New Yorkers seemed to believe him. Despite being available in Spanish, Chinese, Bengali, Korean, Russian, Haitian Creole, and, even more unexpectedly, English, the app hasn’t taken off and Cuomo’s regime has refused to reveal the data that would actually show if it’s tracking positive cases. The lack of data transparency has been the second biggest story about Cuomo’s mismanagement of the pandemic, after the deaths of 11,000 nursing home residents when his administration forced nursing homes to accept infected patients. The numbers are likely higher, but the Cuomo administration, in its typical fashion, is refusing to release the data.

After a month, only 5% of New Yorkers have downloaded Cuomo’s spy app. That’s far short of the 60% that’s needed for contact tracing to work.

Even Europeans haven’t hit that 60% target. Few outside Communist China have.

Apple and Google claimed that they needed at least 15%. Only a few states in America hit that bar and they tend to have small populations that lean leftward. Most Americans have opted out.

Governor Murphy launched his state’s contact tracing app to great fanfare, urging a, “shared sense of personal responsibility to support our contact tracing efforts”. Only 4% of New Jersey residents decided to take up the former Goldman Sachs tycoon on his modest proposal.

Murphy, like Cuomo, had forced nursing homes to accept infected coronavirus patients. Some of the state’s deadliest outbreaks had also taken place in state hospitals for veterans.

Pennsylvania’s Governor Wolf and Secretary of Health Richard Levine, debuted their contact tracing app in September.

“We won’t know who has downloaded the app, who has received notifications and who used symptom check,” Richard (Rachel) Levine, who had taken his mother out of a nursing home and into a hotel, while forcing nursing homes to take in infected patients, assured Pennsylvanians.

Only 4% of Pennsylavanians were convinced. Richard Levine has begun pleading with 13-year-olds to download the app. If there’s anything that’s bound to reassure state residents, it’s a strange man in a blonde wig urging their children to download an app to monitor them.

Contact tracing app adoption in America isn’t likely to get much better even with more time.

Governor Northam rolled out a contact tracing app in Virginia back in August. After half a year, the state has passed Google’s 15% bar with an estimated 19% of smartphone owners having installed the app.

But few people are actually using it.

Only 553 people submitted their positive results out of 100,000 positive tests in the state.

While Democrat governors and their European counterparts have brandished download figures, many people download apps and then uninstall them. Or leave them on and then pay no further attention to them. The actual utilization of contact tracing apps is laughably miniscule.

Virginia’s 800,000 plus downloads figure still only comes out to 553 people submitting results.

That’s why Governor Cuomo in New York and the NHS in the UK refuse to release their impact numbers. Considering the performance of contact tracing apps in Europe, it’s not hard to guess what they’re hiding.

Italy’s Immuni app was downloaded by 14% of the population, but only had 155 positive results submitted in three months. In France, after 2.3 million downloads, only 72 risk contacts were flagged.

A lot of people can be badgered into passively downloading an app, but when it comes time to upload their results and have the system notify everyone they’ve been around, they just as passively choose not to do it and the system fails.

After a year of touting contact tracing as the answer, the assault on privacy has stalled.

Contact tracing apps have failed miserably in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. California only got around to launching its contact tracing app now. The numbers are worse in much of the rest of the country with only 8 million Americans actually using contact tracing apps.

Trust is the biggest factor in the adoption of contact tracing apps. And very few Americans trust Big Tech, the government and its public health experts with tracking their lives and the lives of those around them. The NHS app intends to start asking users about their personal lives to “score” their lifestyles for coronavirus risk. It’s easy enough to see this sort of thing as not only a privacy violation, but as an echo of China’s public surveillance and social credit system.

In a socialized medicine system where people are already penalized for their risk factors by being denied access to medical care, leaving them with few options except emigration or death where age or obesity can mean a denial of medical care, and where babies can be killed because saving them is not deemed to be the best use of resources, a “score” isn’t just a score.

Few people want to be denied medical treatment because they failed the social credit system.

Conservatives are the most likely to see the downside of such calculations and the more conservative parts of the United States have the lowest utilization rates of contract tracing apps.

Nevada’s contact tracing app was only downloaded 70,000 times, as of last month, and zero exposures were registered in September. In Wyoming, its app only managed 5,000 downloads.

South Carolina’s legislature banned the use of contact tracing apps by government agencies.

But all of that may be about to change if the Democrats succeed in their plan to place Biden in the White House. Biden’s team is filled with Big Tech lobbyists and strongly favors a national contact tracing app infrastructure. While the Trump administration allowed states to define their own policy, the Democrat plan has been to nationalize the crisis and control the response.

Key to their plans is the creation of a national server that would store information across state lines, and allow national authorities to monitor everyone’s movements even if they leave a state.

Ten states have already moved their codes to Microsoft’s National Key Server maintained for the Association of Public Health Laboratories. Another five are following suit. As of now, virtually every state and area, such as D.C., with a contact tracing app, is on the National Key Server. That includes heavily populated states such as California, New York, and Michigan.

The hodgepodge of apps and approaches will be replaced by one system to rule them all.

Scott Becker, the CEO of the Association of Public Health Laboratories, has also been touting Biden’s plans for app contact tracing. A national server will make a national contact tracing app much easier to implement. Google, which is also involved in the national server using its own cloud system, has, along with Apple, rebranded “contact tracing” as “exposure notification”.

Big Tech decided that people were leery of “contact tracing” so they gave it a new name.

Meanwhile, Biden’s people have been coordinating with the Rockefeller Foundation on testing plans.

“Policy makers,” the Rockefeller Foundation had urged, must “allow the infection status of most Americans to be accessed and validated in a few required settings and many voluntary ones.”

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito recently warned that the “pandemic has resulted in previously unimaginable restrictions on individual liberty”.

Despite that, under President Trump, Americans have still enjoyed an oasis of human rights compared to the brutal restrictions and measures in the rest of the world. Red states were able to choose less restrictive and abusive routes for tackling the pandemic, even while blue states relentlessly violated civil rights under the guise of a public health emergency.

All of that may be coming to an end.

The near future may be a mandatory national app based either on the existing Apple or Google architecture embedded into virtually every smartphone, or, worse, GPS tracking like Norway’s app which was withdrawn after being panned by Amnesty International, linked to the National Key Server, which will serve as a key element of a national pandemic social credit system.

Americans rejected contact tracing, but a Biden administration won’t take no for an answer.


Will America Become China’s Vassal?

The dire cost of Biden taking the White House.


On election day, Fox News betrayed President Trump, and this has puzzled many patriots. The confusion vanishes if one assumes that this episode could be just a small part of the process of China’s colonization of America. China has already colonized some countries in the Pacific region, South America, and Africa for all practical purposes. Add to this list the de facto colonization of northern Italy and a large part of Russia in Eastern Siberia. Also, communist China greedily devours real estate and businesses in the United States.

Therefore, the 2020 presidential election should be seen as an integral part of this process.

From this perspective, Trump and Biden symbolize two diametrically opposed approaches to America’s future. If Biden made it clear that he was ready to swear allegiance to the new master, Trump is fighting for America’s economic and political independence. Biden is helped not only by the so-called “Democrats” and numerous anti-Trump Republicans but also by the world socialist movement.

The current leading force of palace intrigues in China is Xi Jinping’s group of supporters of Soviet methods: “Xi Jinping belongs to the faction long forgotten in China, which at one time was aligned with the Soviet Union and Joseph Stalin.” When this group came to power, a wave of repressions swept across China, like two drops of water similar to Stalin’s repressions of the 30s and 40s. China’s economic policy is generally reminiscent of the Soviet one. For example, foreign companies’ penetration into Chinese markets is only possible if joint ventures with China are established, and all the know-how is transferred to the Chinese side.

Donald Trump, of course, is fighting for the presidency. Nevertheless, for Trump, the presidency is only part of a more significant challenge. Trump seeks not only to win these elections but to destroy once and for all the leftist movements in general. Obviously, it includes China and the so-called “Democrats.” That is a much more important goal, and it looks like Trump would prevail. What if Trump loses? In this case, all his actions will be aimed at ensuring that by the next electoral cycle – in 2022 – no one in his or her right mind would even think to vote for (D)ecadence.

Trump must win Americans’ sympathy to achieve his goal. There is no doubt that the Trump team is acting in this direction. Numerous hearings in state legislatures, sensational statements by witnesses, mathematical and computer experts, and court hearings, of course, show a horrid picture of election fraud by “Democrats.”

Election Day has been transformed into Election Months; however, more and more Americans are convinced of the “Democrat” fraud every day. More and more Americans switch to alternative sources of information every day and thus deprive propaganda outlets of their material base. Every day more and more Americans are beginning to understand which Republican is an anti-Trumpist rooting for China and which one is a Conservative. Finally, more and more Americans are beginning to guess where the command center that issued an order to stop counting votes simultaneously in six battleground states at 2 a.m. on November 4, 2020, was located.

Trump understands that America, unfortunately, has been dozing for the past hundred years. While we were sleeping, our Constitution was undermined. We have lost control of the Washington swamp dwellers because they prefer to be controlled by Chinese interests rather than American citizens. We just lived our lives and watched football until the international leftist movement attempted to steal our America out from under our noses.

Trump’s strategic goal is an America, which is not sleeping at the wheel.

There is now every sign that America’s sleeping giant is awake. Thanks to China – the elections they most likely helped to steal could be the Chinese equivalent of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Thanks to the “Democratic” fraudsters and their leader Joe “Yuan” Biden – the 2020 elections were the last straw.

In 1776 we did not want to be vassals to the British king, and in 2020 we do not want to be vassals of the communists.

China communists and their distant ideological cousins on the Left – the American “Democrats,” of course, went for broke. They have in their arsenal not only economic and political methods. A very extraordinary direction of China’s expansion is that the communists began to transfer their enterprises to the United States, considering our country as one of the offshore destinations for money laundering. Based on our knowledge of communists’ methods, the most probable course of action by the Politburo of the Communist Party of China would be outright buying of politicians. It seems they calculated (quite correctly) that they need to buy a limited number – no more than a few thousand – key politicians worldwide to carry out their expansion plans. This path seems to them to be quicker and economically more feasible.

The massive importation of drugs into the United States was one of the main activities of the Soviet KGB, for which numerous drug cartels were created (have you ever wondered why most drug cartels are in countries with strong left-wing traditions?) It was the Chinese comrades who did what the Soviet comrades could not achieve – flood America with fentanyl.

China’s espionage has reached a level that the Soviet KGB could only dream of. Under Bush and Obama, China’s cyber attacks, like Operation Titan Rain, were incredibly successful. Consider the 2013 attack, when China took over the personal files of 21 million US government employees. China uses widespread blackmail and bribes to lobby her interests in Washington.

In 2020, communist China used artificial intelligence algorithms to identify Americans who could participate in the Antifa and Black Lives Matter pogroms (of course, the Chinese communists favor only left-wing organizations). Once identified, these Americans were sent instructions (including well-crafted videos) on organizing riots via social media. As we now know, American “Democrats” enthusiastically participated in this orgy. Finally, everybody has noticed that numerous concentration camps sprung up worldwide as a precursor to CoronaGulag.

Trump has swung not only at the Chinese communists, not only at the “Democrats” as traditional rivals of the American conservatives, and not only at the Washington swamp. All the above suggests that Donald Trump is an historical figure on a much larger scale than it seems at first glance.

Trump is fighting a global communist Utopia, also known as the “Global Gulag.”

The “Democrats,” if they do win this battle with China’s help, will find themselves in a completely new, redefined reality – the majority of the country’s population will regard them as usurpers, deceitful and dishonest people. If an infirm old marionette settles in the White House, it will be a classic Pyrrhic victory, where winning a battle leads to losing the war.

Donald Trump has been compared with Winston Churchill more than once, and these comparisons, of course, have a good reason. They are based on the similarity of the circumstances these leaders had to face. Churchill, too, found himself in a situation where he and his country were single-handedly fighting both German Socialists’ horde and the numerous National Socialism and International Socialism supporters among the British establishment.

If the socialists come to power despite Trump’s actual landslide victory, then the political suicide of the “Democrats” will enter the final phase. Moreover, the American patriots who feel down in the dumps should remember one of the quotes commonly attributed to Churchill: “Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.”

Gary Gindler, Ph.D., is a conservative columnist at Gary Gindler Chronicles and the founder of a new science: Politiphysics. Follow him on Twitter and Quod The Book on Barry


‘Promised Land’ president shows how the lie became a pillar of the state.


“I did find refuge in books,” says the author of A Promised Land. “The reading habit was my mother’s doing.”

As the new book explains, the author’s grandparents took him to a rummage sale at the Central Union Church, and he started pulling out books by Ralph Ellison, Langston Hughes, Robert Penn Warren, Dostoyevsky, D.H. Lawrence, and Ralph Waldo Emerson. The list is something of a departure from the 1995 Dreams from My Father, the first book attributed to Barack Obama, a man with no prior record of publication.

“I gathered books from the library,” the Dreams author recalls, books by James Baldwin, Ralph Ellison, Langston Hughes, Richard Wright, W.E.B. DuBois, and Malcolm X. The authors were all “exhausted, bitter men,” and “only Malcolm X’s autobiography seemed to offer something different.” Malcolm X is a no-show in A Promised Land and Dreams from My Father gets only a single mention.

In 2017, after the author had served two terms as president of the United States, biographer David Garrow authored Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama. As the Pulitzer Prize winner explained, Dreams from My Father was not an autobiography or memoir but “without any question” a novel, and the author a “composite character.” Back in 1995, Dreams left the key by the front door.

The author announces “a stubborn desire to protect myself from scrutiny.” Part of him believed the story about the long-lost African father, “but another part of me knew that what I was telling them was a lie.” The Kenyan foreign student Barack Obama is part of a “useful fiction,” and “an image I could alter on a whim or ignore when convenient.”

In Dreams, the Kenyan foreign student Barack Obama “bequeaths” his name to Barry Soetoro. The book also claims the Kenyan adopted the name Barry “because it was easier to pronounce. You know – helped him to fit in. Then it got passed on to me. So I could fit in.” A Promised Land claims that Barry was only a “nickname,” and the author’s Indonesian stepfather Lolo Soetoro is not mentioned by name.

Dreams devotes more than 2,000 words to the poet “Frank” and it wasn’t until after the composite character became president that Frank’s true identity began to emerge. He was Frank Marshall Davis, an African American Stalinist who spent most of his life defending all-white Communist dictatorships. Frank disappeared from the audio version of Dreams and made no appearance in The Audacity of Hope. In 2017, Frank surfaced again in Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama.

“Davis’ Communist background plus his kinky exploits made him politically radioactive,” Garrow explained. In 2018, Davis made no appearance in Becoming by Michelle Obama and The World As It Is: A Memoir of the Obama White House by Ben Rhodes. Also absent was David Garrow and Rising Star, but high-profile conservatives were still on board with the useful fiction.

George Will, proclaimed “best writer, any subject” by the Washington Journalism Review, in 2019 hailed “Obama’s studied elegance.” That recalls the prediction of David Brooks that Senator Obama would be a good president based on his “perfectly creased pants.” Back in 2012, Jonah Goldberg wrote, “it’s becoming increasingly clear that President Obama is not burdened with too heavy a commitment to honesty.” Less clear is Goldberg’s take on Garrow’s revelation that Dreams from My Father is a novel and the author a composite character.

David Garrow and Frank Marshall Davis are both missing from A Promised Land, so as in Dreams, the author still shows that “stubborn desire to protect myself from scrutiny.”

Even so, the book provides new revelations, in the same novelistic style.

In law school, the author claims, he read the essays of Vaclav Havel. In Promised Land Havel says, “today autocrats are more sophisticated. They stand for election while slowly undermining the institutions that make democracy possible. They champion free markets while engaging in the same corruption, cronyism and exploitation as existed in the past.” Havel tells the American president “you have been cursed with people’s high expectations.” Readers can’t cross-check the quotes with Havel, who died in 2011.

When he meets Russian president Dimitry Medvedev the Promised Land author says “I remembered what the dissident writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn said about politics during the Soviet era, that ‘the lie has become not just a moral category but a pillar of the state.’” What was true in the USSR is now the case in America, where The Treason of the Intellectuals has long been the rule.

The “useful fiction” of Dreams from My Father gets accepted as fact and the composite character becomes president. He transforms the United States from a constitutional republic into an arrangement more characteristic of totalitarian states. The outgoing president choses his successor and deploys deep state forces to attack her opponent, candidate and President Trump. The establishment media follow in lockstep, with no second thoughts.

A Promised Land is a blend of autohagiography and Stalinist agitprop but George Will, David Brooks, Jonah Goldberg et al will have little if any role in exposing its many evasions, distortions and lies. The Never Trump conservatives are all-in with Obama’s studied elegance and perfectly creased pants. At worst, the composite character was “not burdened with too heavy a commitment to honesty.”  This brand of cowardice surely helped the lie become a pillar of the state.

8. newsit.gr

Δυο Έλληνες, μουσουλμάνοι της Θράκης, είναι τα πρόσωπα που κατηγορούνται για κατασκοπεία. Γενικός γραμματέας του τουρκικού προξενείου στη Ρόδο φέρεται να είχε στρατολογήσει μάγειρα σε πλοίο της γραμμής Ρόδος – Καστελόριζο, ο οποίος του έστελνε φωτογραφίες ελληνικών πλοίων στην περιοχή.

Σαν «βόμβα» έπεσε το βράδυ του Σαββάτου (12.12.2020) η ανακοίνωση της αστυνομίας πως έχει σχηματιστεί δικογραφία, στη Ρόδο, σε βάρος δυο Ελλήνων «για παράβαση του άρθρου 148 Π.Κ. (κατασκοπεία) και του Α.Ν. 376/1936 (περί μέτρων ασφαλείας οχυρών θέσεων) κατά συναυτουργία», όπως χαρακτηριστικά ανέφερε η ανακοίνωση.

Η υπόθεση κατασκοπείας στη Ρόδο ήρθε στο φως μετά από έρευνες της ΕΥΠ. Σύμφωνα με τα μέχρι στιγμής στοιχεία, εμπλεκόμενοι στην υπόθεση θρίλερ είναι δυο Έλληνες, μουσουλμάνοι της Θράκης. Ο ένας εργαζόταν ως μάγειρας σε καράβι που εκτελούσε το δρομολόγιο Ρόδος – Καστελόριζο και ο δεύτερος εργαζόταν στο τουρκικό προξενείο, κατέχοντας μάλιστα θέση γενικού γραμματέα.

Το περασμένο καλοκαίρι, όταν υπήρχε η ένταση με την Τουρκία και στην περιοχή είχαν αναπτυχθεί και ελληνικά πολεμικά πλοία, όταν το καράβι στο οποίο εργαζόταν ο μάγειρας περνούσε από την περιοχή, εκείνος έβγαζε φωτογραφίες τα ελληνικά πλοία και τις έστελνε στον υπάλληλο του τουρκικού προξενείου.

Η εκτίμηση που υπάρχει μέχρι στιγμής είναι πως ο υπάλληλος του προξενείου είχε στρατολογήσει τον μάγειρα. Αυτό είναι το ενδεχόμενο που εξετάζει η ΕΠΥ και εκείνο που ενδιαφέρει περισσότερο τα στελέχη της είναι η στρατολόγηση και ο τρόπος που έγινε αυτή.

Από την ΕΥΠ γίνονται επίσης επιπλέον έρευνες για να δουν αν ο υπάλληλος του προξενείου μπορεί αν έχει στρατολογήσει κι άλλους.






ABD ile S-400 krizini aşmak için yeni bir formülden söz ediliyor…


Cumhurbaşkanı Tayyip Erdoğan’ın Azerbaycan ziyareti öncesi yaptığı açıklamalarının, ABD ve 20 Ocak’ta başlayacak olan Joe Biden dönemi ile alakalı kısmını aktararak başlayalım:

“Yaptığımız, yapacağımız açıklamaları da erken buluyoruz. Sayın Biden şöyle bir görevi üstlensin, sonra Sayın Biden’la oturup bazı şeyleri konuşacağız. Geçmişte gerek Türkiye’de, gerek Amerika’da bir araya gelip konuştuğumuz gibi. Uluslar arasında siyasette çatışma olmaz. Diplomaside özellikle bu konular görüşülerek, anlaşarak yol bulunur. Ülkenizden birileri negatif bazı şeyler sufle edebilir. O önemli değil, onlar siyasetin acemileridir. Biz Amerika’yla bu süreci çok farklı şekilde ilerleteceğimize inanıyorum”.

Erdoğan’ın bu açıklamalarından sonra Biden’ın danışmanlarından Michael Carpenter’ın, “Türkiye’nin bir sonraki yönetimle açık bir diyalog işareti vermesi memnuniyet verici” diyen bir paylaşımda bulunması da dikkat çekici oldu.


Biden dönemine hazırlık babında değerlendirilebilecek adımlardan bir tanesi, Türkiye’nin Washington Büyükelçiliği’ne Tokyo’da aynı görevi yürüten Murat Mercan’ın atanması oldu.

Ak Parti’nin kuruluşunda yer alan, milletvekilliği yapan, dış ilişkiler, daha da özelde ABD ile ilişkilerde yapıcı roller üstlenen Mercan’ın, Biden yönetiminde görev yapacak birçok isimle önceden tanıştığı, yakın bir diyalog içinde olduğu söyleniyor.

Bu atamayı bu yönleriyle akılda tutmak yararlı olabilir.

Geçtiğimiz günlerde New York Times Gazetesi’nde Türk-Amerikan ilişkilerinin Biden dönemindeki karakterini konu alan önemli bir yazı çıktı.

Yazıya göre gazeteye konuşan Biden’ın danışmanları, “Türkiye ile geleneksel ve teknik diplomasi kanalları üzerinden bağlantıya geçeceklerini, daha önce Trump ve Erdoğan arasındaki ani görüşme trafiği gibi bir iletişime yaslanmayacaklarını” söylemişler.

Bu ne demek oluyor?

Geleneksel ve teknik diplomasi kanallarını kullanmak demek, kurumlar arası iletişim kanallarının daha etkili şekilde devreye sokulacağı bir dönem anlamına geliyor.

Bu, geçiş sürecinde yeni büyükelçi Mercan’a yüklenen misyonun ne kadar önemli olduğunu gösteren bir başka işaret olarak görülebilir.


New York Times Gazetesi’nde çıkan haberde değinildiği gibi, Biden yönetiminin S-400 füzelerine yaklaşımı yeni dönemin ilk sınavı olacak.

Bu konuda iki tarafın pozisyonuna bakıldığında ‘aradaki makasın’ bir hayli açık olduğu biliniyor.

2019’da Osaka’da yapılan G-20 zirvesinde Donald Trump herkesin gözü önünde bu konuda Türkiye’nin haklılığına değinen açıklamalar yapmasına, “Bizim hatalarımız nedeniyle Türkiye’nin başka seçeneği kalmadı” demesine rağmen, ABD’nin kurumsal pozisyonunda bir değişiklik olmadı.

Sadece füze bataryaları gelene kadar “Bir çivisi dahi gelirse yaptırım uygularız” tehdidinin yerini, füzeler geldikten sonra “Madem geldi, hiç olmazsa bunu aktif hale getirmeyin” şeklindeki ‘B planının’ alması dışında.

Bu böyle diye Türkiye’ye gelen S-400 bataryalarının geri gönderilmesi, bir başka ülkeye satılması gibi seçeneklerin Ankara’da kabul göreceği düşünülemez.

O aşamalar çoktan geride kaldı.


Peki ama bu zorlu başlıkta her iki tarafın da kabul edebileceği bir formül var mı?

S-400’lerin satın alınması süreçlerinin içinde yer almış, sistemin teknik niteliklerini çok iyi bilen tecrübe sahibi bir ismin ifadesiyle:

“Evet var.”

Peki, nasıl bir formül bu?

İsminin kullanılmaması kaydıyla konuşan kaynağa göre bu formülün adına Pakistan modeli diyebiliriz.

Şöyle ki;

90’lı yıllarda Pakistan’a F-16 satışı gündeme geldiğinde, Amerikalılar, bu uçakların istemedikleri şekilde kullanılmayacağından emin olmak için Pakistan yönetimi ile bir anlaşma yapmışlar.

Daha doğrusu bu ülkede ortak şekilde kullanılmak üzere bir ofis açılmış ve

F-16’ların kullanımı buradan izlenmiş.

Kaynağıma göre, benzeri bir yöntem S-400’ler için de işletilebilir.

Buna göre;

Türkiye ile ABD, Pakistan’daki modele benzer bir anlaşmaya varır, o doğrultuda Türk ve Amerikalı isimlerin birlikte görev alacakları bir ofis açılır.

Bu formüle göre S-400 sisteminin aktif halde tutulmasında bir sorun yok.

Yalnız, F-35 uçakları için oluşabilecek risk durumlarında S-400 bataryalarının yönü başka tarafa çevrilir ve bu durum, ortaklaşa oluşturulacak ofiste görev alan Amerikalılar tarafından izlenerek teyit edilir.

Böylece, Amerikalıların F-35’lerin sırları S-400 tarafından ele geçirilecek korkuları bertaraf edilmiş olur.

Böylece her iki taraf için de bir orta yol bulunmuş olur.

ABD ile müzakerelerde böyle bir formül konuşulur, tartışılır mı bilmiyorum.

Niyet üzüm yemekse bu ya da buna benzer parlak fikirler gündeme gelebilir.

İzlemeye devam.