Only copy of US recognition of Israel signed by Truman up for sale

The unique document endorsed by former president Harry Truman has only been displayed in public four times before

A photo of the 1964 declaration recognizing Israel's independence, signed by former president Harry Truman. (Courtesy Raab Collection)

A photo of the 1964 declaration recognizing Israel’s independence, signed by former president Harry Truman. (Courtesy Raab Collection)

For a cool $300,000, somebody can now own a piece of American and Israeli history. Today, the only known copy of the press release signed by Harry Truman in which the US recognized Israel is being put up for sale by the Raab Collection, a Philadelphia-based company that buys and sells historic documents.

“I’ve never carried anything in recent history like this,” says Nathan Raab, a principal of the company. “Anything related to the founding of Israel is very uncommon and extremely desirable among collectors. I’ve seen letters of Churchill that reference the founding of Israel and they tend to sell very high. But I’ve never seen a document like this – and I probably never will again.”

But the original release doesn’t bear Truman’s signature, as the president signed only an earlier draft, not the final statement.

                       Nathan Raab. (Courtesy)

Fast forward 16 years to the 1964-65 New York World’s Fair. Zecharia Sitchin, an author, Jewish activist, and chairman of the American-Israel Pavilion of the fair, had an idea. Realizing that the only instrument of recognition that existed was an unsigned White House press statement from 1948, he asked Truman for a signed copy. The former president agreed, instructed that a photocopy be made, and signed it for Sitchin to display at the World’s Fair.

Since then, the document has remained in the hands of the Sitchin family and has been displayed for the public three more times: during the 1986 Statue of Liberty centennial celebration in New York City; the 1988 celebration of Israel’s 40th anniversary at the Israeli Embassy in Washington, DC; and the 1988 Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) convention in Jerusalem on the group’s 90th anniversary.

Raab is an active member of the Philadelphia Jewish community and has visited Israel. He says he’s sold many fascinating historical items over the years – Lincoln’s order to blockade the Confederacy, a letter by George Washington following passage of the Constitution, documents from Einstein, Churchill, Amelia Earhart and others – but this sale has personal meaning for him.

“By coincidence, my father and future father-in-law were both at that World’s Fair when this document was first created and displayed. I don’t know if they saw it, but I’d like to think that they did,” he says.

“As an American Jew, I would hope and expect that the document’s new owners will put this treasure on display for the public,” says Raab.

A photo of the 1964 declaration recognizing Israel's independence, signed by former president Harry Truman. (Courtesy Raab Collection)

Harry Truman receives a gift from Israeli Prime Minister and Israeli Ambassador to the US Abba Eban at the White House in 1951. (photo credit: Courtesy GPO)


Report: Saudi Arabia offered Abbas $10 billion to accept Trump peace proposal


Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has offered Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas $10 billion to accept U.S. President Donald Trump’s upcoming Mideast peace plan for Israelis and Palestinians, reported the Lebanese daily Al-Akhbar on Tuesday.

“According to information obtained by Al-Akhbar, Salman briefed Abbas about the details of the deal of the century and asked him to accept it. According to the information, Salman asked Abbas: What is the annual budget of your entourage? Abbas replied: I’m not a prince to have my own entourage.”

Salman then asked Abbas: “How much money does the Palestinian Authority and its ministers and employees need?”

Abbas replied with an answer of $1 billion annually, to which the Saudi crown prince replied: “I will give you $10 billion over 10 years if you accept the deal of the century.”

According to the outlet, among economic and other incentives, the Saudi offer also includes the founding of a Palestinian embassy in the town of Abu Dis, located on Jerusalem’s eastern outskirts.

Abbas rejected the offer, saying it would “mean the end of my political life.”

White House senior adviser Jared Kushner said last week that the so-called “deal of the century” will be released after the Islamic holiday of Ramadan, which starts on May 5 and concludes on June 4.

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α. ε/φ Haaretz

Former Israeli in U.S. interview: I guarded nuclear device during Six Day War

Elie Geisler says he was asked in May 1967 to guard a secret base in central Israel that held the device.

β. Reuters”

Sixth round of U.S., Taliban peace talks begin today – Taliban spokesman

KABUL (Reuters) – American and Taliban officials are meeting on Wednesday in Qatar to resume talks aimed at ending a 17-year war.



Strikes against ISIS tunnel network mark a first for the USAF but comes a year after Israel became the first to use the jet in a combat mission.

MAY 1, 2019

 F-35 fighter jets

F-35 fighter jets. (photo credit: STAFF SGT. CHRIS DRZAZGOWSKI/U.S. AIR FORCE)

Two weeks after the United States Air Force (USAF) deployed several F-35 fighter jets to the Middle East, the jets carried out their first combat mission in Iraq against Islamic State targets.

The first American combat sortie of the stealth fighter jet came a day after Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi appeared in a video for the first time in five years when he declared the caliphate in a now infamous speech in Mosul.

The USAF said the two F-35As conducted airstrikes with a Joint Direct Attack Munition against an Islamic State tunnel network and weapons cache in the Hamrin Mountains in Wadi Ashai, Iraq.

“We have the ability to gather, fuse and pass so much information, that we make every friendly aircraft more survivable and lethal,” the USAF statement quoted Lt. Col. Yosef Morris, 4th Fighter Squadron commander and F-35A pilot as saying. “That, combined with low-observable technology, allows us to really complement any combined force package and be ready to support AOR contingencies.”

Two weeks ago an unspecified number of USAF F-35As Lightning IIs landed at the al-Dhafra Air Base in the United Arab Emirates along with maintenance and support personnel from the Active 388th Fighter Wing and Air Force Reserve 419th Fighter Wing based at Hill Airforce Base in Utah.

“We have been successful in two Red Flag exercises, and we’ve deployed to Europe and Asia,” Morris said. “Our Airmen are ready and we’re excited to be here.”

Which Defense Companies Benefit From Higher NATO Spending?

Red Flag is the USAF’s premier air-to-air combat training exercise which includes American and allied nations’ combat air forces, including Israel.

While the strikes marked a first for the Americans, it came a year after Israeli F-35i Adirs became the first air force to carry out combat missions in the Middle East with the jet.

Built by Lockheed Martin, the jets have an extremely low radar signature allowing the jet to operate undetected deep inside enemy territory as well as evade advanced missile defense systems like the S-300 and S-400 missile defense systems which have been deployed in countries such as Syria.

With close air-support capabilities and a massive array of sensors, pilots of the stealth jet have an unparalleled access to information while in the air.

The F-35A has sensors everywhere, it has advanced radar, and it is gathering and fusing all this information from the battlespace in real time,” said Morris. “Now it has the ability to take that information and share it with other F-35s or even other fourth generation aircraft in the same package that can also see the integrated picture.”



Atrocities at Columbia, UCLA, U. Nevada-Reno and Stanford all made the list.

Editor’s note: The following report documents horrifying instances of anti-Semitism on ten prestigious American campuses and exposes the pivotal role that the Hamas-funded Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement against Israel plays in provoking these hate crimes. In a stealth campaign conducted on Monday, 1000 copies of a printed newspaper containing this report were distributed to public locations on the UCLA campus, one of the schools named in the report. The newspapers also contained a poster highlighting the links between the BDS movement and Adolf Hitler’s “final solution.”

A fast and rapidly growing epidemic of global anti-Semitism is now threatening Jews worldwide. Many discount incidents of Jew hatred and neo-Nazi rhetoric as the actions of a fringe minority, or mistakenly believe it is a problem endemic to conservatism, rather than a facet of the radical Left.  The blatantly anti-Semitic statements of recently elected congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib and the leaders of the Women’s March—and the Democratic Party’s failure to strongly disclaim them—prove that Jew Hatred has become part of mainstream Leftist dogma.

Our nation’s campuses, dens of radical politics that they are, have long been a precursor to this wider epidemic. Now that Jew Hatred has become mainstream, neo-Nazi incidents on campus have only grown in their violence and magnitude, as the campus adherents of Adolf Hitler become increasingly emboldened by their success at infusing Jew hatred into the national conversation.

The Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement against Israel is a key feature of the plot to destroy the Jewish state. Funded and promoted on American campuses by the anti-Israel terror groups Hamas and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), the BDS movement has infiltrated our universities, funneling money to campus chapters of Students for Justice in Palestine through an intermediary organization, American Muslims for Palestine (AMP). Israel’s Minister of Strategic Affairs and Public Diplomacy Gilad Erdan recently declared, “The relationship between terrorist organizations and the BDS movement has never been closer, ideologically or operationally.”

The goals and means of the BDS movement show a direct parallel to the rhetoric and methods employed by Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. Where Hitler denounced the Jews with slurs, and segregated them into ghettos before employing his “final solution,” the BDS movement similarly slanders the Jewish nation—the only liberal democracy in the Middle East—as an “apartheid state” which illegally “occupies” Palestinian land.  Hitler used similar rhetoric to excise Jewish citizens of Germany from the larger community, claiming they were robbing Germany of the wealth that properly belonged to the Aryan race, and then codifying these principles in the Nuremberg Laws and other ordinances, encouraging Germans to boycott Jewish businesses, and forbidding Jews to intermarry with German citizens, or participate in virtually all forms of public life.

Just as Hitler’s reforms aimed to marginalize Germany’s Jews, the BDS movement seeks to isolate and delegitimize Israel, cut it off from the world community, and bankrupt its resources in the hopes of ultimately destroying it. The BDS campaign against Israel is a true and deserving successor to Hitler’s Nazi party. Yet university presidents and administrations have done little to check the rampant resurgence of this Nazi ideology on campus. And that failure has had grave consequences for Jewish students on American campuses who face the impossible choice of choosing to conceal their faith and their heritage or knowing they may become a target because of it.

It is no coincidence that five out of the ten universities featured in this report–UCLA, Tufts, Stanford, Columbia and the University of Michigan–have welcomed the Students for Justice in Palestine National Conference to their campuses. The remaining five campuses each boast active chapters of Students for Justice in Palestine, the Muslim Students Association—a campus group linked to the Nazi-supporting Muslim Brotherhood network—or similarly-minded groups.

The ten incidents that follow—occurring over the past two years—represent only a small sampling of the egregious Jew hatred and lust for the return of the Nazi regime that now infects America’s college campuses.

Columbia University: Holocaust Scholar’s Office Defaced by Swastikas

Jewish professor and Holocaust scholar Elizabeth Midlarsky entered her office at Teacher’s College of Columbia University on Wednesday, November 28, 2018, to find two gigantic red swastikas scrawled on the walls and the anti-Semitic slur “YID” painted adjacent to them.

“I was in shock,” Midlarsky told the Columbia Daily Spectator. “I stopped for a moment, because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.”

“I opened the outer door and almost passed out,” she described to CNN. “I was so shaky, I wasn’t sure I was going to make it.”

Nor was this the first time Midlarsky’s office had been vandalized. In 2007, a swastika was painted on her office door and anti-Semitic flyers were found in her campus mailbox. As both a Jew and a scholar of the Holocaust, an event Jew haters are eager to minimize or deny outright, she apparently makes for a tantalizing target.

According to the Columbia Daily Spectator, Midlarsky “attributed this second incident to a broader national rise in anti-Semitic crimes and a changing culture.”

Teacher’s College President Thomas Bailey issued a statement saying:

“We unequivocally condemn any expression of hatred, which has no place in our society. We are outraged and horrified by this act of aggression and use of this vile anti-Semitic symbol against a valued member of our community. Please rest assured that we are working with police to discover the perpetrator of this hateful act.”

Columbia University, despite its location in New York City, home to a significant proportion of the nation’s Jewish population, has a longstanding reputation for tolerating anti-Semitism on campus. The university has frequently made the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s annual list of the “Top Ten Universities Most Friendly to Terrorists,” and hosted the Students for Justice in Palestine annual conference in 2011. After the Fall 2018 mass-shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Columbia administrators initially released a statement that made no explicit mention of “Jews” or “anti-Semitism”—a lapse widely derided by alumni and others. Despite the university’s statements promising to pursue the perpetrator of this horrific act of Jew hatred, it appears that no one has yet been arrested for the crime.

Duke University: Memorial to Pittsburgh Synagogue Victims Defaced with Swastika

Αt Duke University, a lAovingly painted mural dedicated to the Jewish victims of the Tree of Life Synagogue mass-shooting in Pittsburgh presented too tempting a target to Jew-haters on the North Carolina campus.

The mural was painted in a “Free Expression” tunnel on campus where students are encouraged to express their opinions through writing and artwork. It contained a gold Star of David and the names of the 11 victims of the Pittsburgh attack alongside the epitaph, “We must build this world from love,” transcribed in both English and Hebrew.

Yet on Sunday, November 18, a large red swastika was discovered on the mural, painted over the Star of David. According to the Duke Chronicle, there had been something of an epidemic of swastikas on campus in recent months. The one desecrating the mural was the third to be discovered. Another was found on a bathroom door and the third was carved into a pumpkin on Halloween.

In a statement, Duke President Vincent Price called the painting of the swastika “a craven and cowardly act of vandalism – a desecration of a memorial to individuals who were killed because they were Jewish and practicing their faith” and added “That it should occur in such a visible, public location at Duke should be a matter of grave concern to us all.”

Duke University is home to a highly active chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine which hosts an annual “Israeli Apartheid Week” on campus featuring anti-Semitic slogans. These include, “To exist is to resist” and “From the river to the BC, Palestine will be free,” (the BC is a plaza on Duke’s campus) a take on the slogan “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” a call to destroy the totality of Israel as a Jewish state. Together with the Muslim Students Association, Duke SJP hosted notorious anti-Semite Linda Sarsour on April 15.

Penn State: Menorah Belonging to Jewish Fraternity Vandalized and Repeatedly Stolen

In two separate incidents in late November and early December of 2018, a nine-foot-tall menorah belonging to the Jewish fraternity Zeta Beta Tau at Penn State University was first vandalized and stolen, briefly returned, and then stolen again, before finally being recovered in a nearby park. A fraternity member who attempted to thwart one of these attempts at theft was assaulted.

The menorah had been purchased by the fraternity earlier that year to commemorate the victims of the Tree of Life Synagogue mass-shooting in Pittsburg. When it was returned after the first theft, two of its nine electronic branches were damaged.

“Due to recent events, that’s why we got the menorah… to show strength and unity with the Jewish community,” Penn State Zeta Beta Tau president Adam Schwartz told a local television station. “We just want to show that hate won’t stop us.”

Nor was this the only episode of menorah-snatching on the campus. The previous year, a twelve-foot-tall menorah was stolen from outside the house of Penn State Rabbi Hershy Gourarie and then was left in a damaged condition in front of the house of another Jewish fraternity, Sigma Alpha Mu. Individuals were eventually arrested and charged in each incident of menorah-theft.

Penn State is home to a Students for Justice in Palestine chapter that has held multiple events supporting the BDS movement against Israel and demonizing the Jewish State. The campus is also home to a chapter of the Muslim Brotherhood-linked Muslim Students Association.

University of California-Santa Cruz: Blocking the Hillel Table and Shouting Anti-Semitic Profanities

In May 2017, an event held at UC-Santa Cruz to celebrate Israeli Independence Day was violently disrupted by the African/Black Student Alliance (ABSA). ABSA deliberately blocked access to the Hillel table for more than an hour while protestors repeatedly hurled anti-Semitic and profane insults at the assembled Jewish students.

The event was billed as “Israel Palooza” and was meant to be a peaceful celebration of Israeli life and culture including music, dancing, and food. But ABSA swarmed the pro-Israel festival, cordoning off the Hillel table with protestors so that interested students could not reach it and on three separate occasions chanting, “Free Palestine” and “F—k Jewish Slugs.”  An Israeli flag brought to the event by Hillel was also torn down by the protestors.

statement released by Hillel declared courageously, “Our students feel disappointed that they were not able to celebrate Israel fully on her birthday but we will not be deterred… At Santa Cruz Hillel, Israel will always be at the core of our mission.”

In an open letter to the Santa Cruz Sentinel, a coalition of Jewish community leaders and UC-Santa Cruz students and alumni expressed their outrage that the University administration had neither provided sufficient security for the event, nor acknowledged the outrageous mistreatment of Jewish students on the campus:

“Despite the fact that the previous week Hillel Director Sarah Cohen Domont had informed UCSC administrators of the impending A/BSA protest and asked for assistance in ensuring that the Hillel event would not be disrupted, only one member of the university staff, Associate Vice Chancellor Jean Marie Scott, was present during the protest. No security was there to prevent the disruption or was called once it began,” states the letter.

It continues, “Even worse, it has been more than two weeks since these events took place, and your office has yet to say a single word even acknowledging, let alone condemning, this blatant suppression of Jewish and pro-Israel students’ freedom of expression and assembly. Nor have the students who perpetrated these acts been subject to disciplinary actions or held accountable for their reprehensible behavior. This is an outrage.”

University of California-Los Angeles: Vicious Disruption of Pro-Israel Event

On May 17, 2018, an event held at UCLA by the campus chapter of Students Supporting Israel was viciously disrupted by the campus chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine.

The panel was titled, “Indigenous Peoples Unite” and featured speakers from several different nations. While one of the panelists was speaking about surviving genocide in Armenia, a protestor walked over and tore the Armenian flag off the wall and threw the speaker’s notes on the floor, while screaming directly in his face. SJP protestors used horns and whistles to create a chaos of noise and chanted slogans including “We don’t want 2 states, we want ’48,” a genocidal statement to abolish Israel and return to a time before it existed. Other slogans shouted by the protestors included, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” “No peace on stolen land, justice is our demand” “Protesting is not a crime, free free free Palestine,” and “Israel is a terrorist state!” Due to SJP’s protest, the event was forced to halt for over 15 minutes until calm could be regained.

UCLA administrators denounced the protest about a week later but claimed that they could not take action against the protestors because a police report had not been filed by SSI. After this announcement, over a dozen pro-Israel students filed complaints with the university police department.

Despite the horrific actions of SJP on campus in this incident and others, the UCLA administration nevertheless permitted SJP National to hold its infamous annual conference on the UCLA campus the following semester in November 2018. SJP National conferences are known to feature speakers who promote terrorist violence against Israel and the Hamas-funded BDS movement and instruct students in how to disrupt pro-Israel speakers and events on campus. The announcement for the 2018 conference at UCLA even bragged about this disruption of pro-Israel events, stating “Other instances of our perseverance include disruptions of pro-war, Zionist, and racist guest speakers.” It also demonized Israel by claiming that “Zionism is ethnic cleansing, destruction, mass expulsion, apartheid, and death.”

Stanford University—Resident Advisor Threatens Jews on Social Media

Students who are appointed as Resident Advisors are charged with keeping peace and order in campus dorms. It is a position of privilege and authority. But at Stanford University, the screening process appears to be lacking. Student Hamzeh Daoud was appointed a Resident Advisor in the summer of 2018 despite his numerous social media posts bashing Israel and threatening violence against Jews which were made public after his appointment was announced.

“I’m gonna physically fight Zionists on campus next year if someone comes at me with their ‘Israel is a democracy’ bullshit. And after I abolish your ass I’ll go ahead and work every day for the rest of my life to abolish your petty ass ethno-supremacist, settler-colonial state,” the Stanford student shared on social media.

One of his posts on Twitter states: “fuck your liberal Zionist ass. fuck your jewish state. and fuck the notion that makes you believe that the resoliance and beauty that embodies Judaism, jewish people, and the jewish religion is Israel. Israel is a state that needs to be dismantled. Any other opinion is complicity [sic].”

Another tweet explains, “For those who don’t speak Arabic; this translate to God curse Israel. God Curse the shit out of Israel :)! [sic].”

Daoud is a member of the Stanford chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), an organization that is financially linked to the terror group Hamas and which uses Hamas funds to disparage and delegitimize Israel.

Once Daoud’s anti-Semitic posts became public, the Stanford College Republicans called on the University to fire him from his position as Resident Advisor arguing that “Threatening to assault other students who hold a different point of view is anathema to a free society and any kind of education, let alone the operation of the premier research university in the world.”

“While we are disturbed by Hamzeh Daoud’s statements, we find it unsurprising that a member of SJP, an organization with financial ties to terrorist affiliates, would issue a call to violence against pro-Israel students,” the Stanford College Republicans wrote.

Meanwhile, after being publicly outed as a potentially violent anti-Semite, Daoud attempted to walk back his virulent social media posts, editing the one promising to “physically fight Zionists” to read “intellectually fight Zionists.”  He also issued a statement of apology which reads, “I respect the Jewish community, the beauty and resilience of the Jewish religion and people, and the power that Jewish students bring to campus.” The supposed apology makes an interesting contrast to his previous tweet in which he used almost the same language to state precisely the opposite: “fuck the notion that makes you believe that the resoliance [sic] and beauty that embodies Judaism.”

Jewish Voice for Peace at Stanford, an organization that supports the anti-Semitic boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement against the Jewish state, conducted an email campaign supporting Daoud and attempting to turn the blame back on the Stanford College Republicans, claiming that the conservative organization “intentionally misinterpreted [Daoud’s] post” and “triggered a right-wing and alt-right backlash against Daoud.”

A legal team also entered the fray, sending a letter to Stanford President Marc Tessier-Levigne on behalf of a Jewish student who preferred to remain anonymous, expressing the student’s concern that Daoud’s Jew-hatred makes him unfit to serve in a position of authority over other students.

“Daoud’s public statements—including statements he has made that were public, but that he has recently hidden by deleting certain of his social media accounts—make clear that he is not capable of performing the duties of a Resident Assistant,” the letter states.

“Worse, if Stanford were to retain a person of Daoud’s temperament in that position after being made aware of his statements, Stanford will have clearly discriminated against Zionist students on campus, in violation of federal law and its own formal policies,” the letter continues.

Stanford pledged to investigate Daoud’s posts but this process was cut short when the SJP member elected to voluntarily resign from his resident advisor post. In a statement Daoud acknowledged “the language in my first post had a strong negative effect on many in our Stanford community.”  While he may have apologized for the language he used, it seems likely that his actual opinions have not changed. And it remains far from clear whether Stanford—which hosted the SJP National Conference in 2013—is truly up for the task of tackling Jew hatred on campus.

University of Minnesota: Academic Department Supports Hamas-Funded BDS Movement

On March 2, 2018, the Department of Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies at the University of Minnesota held an event dedicated to Hamas propaganda titled “BDS, Racial Justice, & Pinkwashing in the Trump Era.” The forum capped off “Divest Week” at the University, a week organized by Students for Justice in Palestine and supported by other campus organizations to promote the anti-Semitic, Hamas-funded Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel and to garner votes in a campus-wide referendum on the topic (the BDS resolution passed by a narrow margin).

The event description which was posted on the department’s Facebook page demonized Israel by accusing it of “daily human rights abuses” and made clear that attendees are expected to learn how to “work in solidarity with the global BDS movement.”  The topic of the event, ‘pinkwashing,’ is a term used by Israel’s enemies to accuse Israel of using its support for gay rights as a shield to cover for other alleged abuses.

Further down on the official event page, a section of text titled “What is BDS” again demonizes and delegitimizes Israel. It states falsely that “Israel is occupying and colonizing Palestinian land, discriminating against Palestinian citizens of Israel and denying Palestinian refugees the right to return to their homes.” It again promotes the BDS movement, stating, “BDS is having a major impact and is effectively challenging international support for Israeli apartheid and settler-colonialism.”

A large image of a pink banner with the words “No to Pinkwashing. No to Israeli Apartheid” accompanies this text.

The Amcha Initiative, an organization dedicated to tracking anti-Semitism on campus, revealed that “The official GWSS department Facebook page additionally promoted the event by posting a demonizing image to the event page’s wall about Pinkwashing that also contained the image of a poster saying ‘Israel Out of Palestine’ as well as an image saying, ‘No Pride in Zionism, Israeli Apartheid, Occupation. Justice for Palestine.’”

This rampant support for the anti-Semitic and genocidal BDS movement on the part of an official university academic department is a flagrant violation of the proper role of an academic institution and reveals the depths of Jew hatred on the University of Minnesota campus.

University of Nevada-Reno: Campus Dorm Defaced with Swastika, Plea to “Kill all Jews”

A message threatening the lives of Jews was found on the wall of a campus residence hall at the University of Nevada-Reno in March, 2019. The highly disturbing message contained a swastika and the threats “Kill all Jews” and “Watch Out Communist Bombing on March 6, 2019, and March 7, 2019.”

Former student Matthew Levin who lived in the University residence hall called the threat “Unacceptable.”

 “This was found at Juniper Hall on the campus I called home (and in a way still call home) for 5 years,” he explained. “Never in my life did I think that this was going to happen on our campus that has always been so supportive of all students. The students, faculty, alumni, and community deserve better than this. The Wolf Pack should not and will not stand for this.”

An email signed by several university administrators promised an investigation and further action: “This symbol and the threatening remarks that accompanied it are unacceptable and wrong,” it stated. “We strongly condemn any symbols and actions that represent hate, intimidation or terror. We stand with members of our Jewish community and all people who find such hateful symbols and abhorrent threats to be offensive, and we will work with a number of groups to ensure that our campus remains safe and welcoming.”

The death threat scrawled on Juniper Hall was not the first incidence of Jew hatred expressed in a campus residence. Earlier that same academic year, on October 27, 2018, the very same date on which a gunman massacred individuals at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh—a swastika was found carved into the dorm room door of two Jewish roommates. The Jewish students had recently hung a mezuzah (a small box containing a Jewish prayer) on their door frame.

Still more swastikas were found painted on a creative expression wall within the campus arts building in October 2017.  Despite rhetoric promising to stamp out anti-Semitism on campus, administrators at UNR clearly have an uphill battle ahead.

Tufts: Hillel Center Targeted with Anti-Semitic Posters Featuring Militarized Pigs

On February 12, 2019, the Granhoff Family Hillel Center at Tufts University was papered with several dozen flyers featuring garish cartoons of pigs in military uniforms. Just in case the intent of the vandalism was unclear, some of the flyers were captioned with anti-Semitic text reading “DESTROY ISRAELI APARTHEID FORCES AND AMERIKKKAN [sic] PIGS WHICH FUND IT.” Another flyer featured the image of a pig wearing a uniform patterned in stars and stripes and captioned “U.S. Imperialism.” In the cartoon, the pig is shoved back against a spiked wall by guns labeled “Get out of the ghetto,” “Get out of Latin America,” “Get out of Africa,” and “Get out of Asia.”

The flyers were discovered by Hillel’s executive director and the Tufts’ Jewish chaplain, Rabbi Naftali Brawer.  He contacted campus police and immediately removed the flyers from the building with the assistance of Hillel staff. “We were clearly targeted as a Jewish center,” Brawer said. The Hillel Center appears to be the sole target of the vandals—the flyers were not hung anywhere else on campus.

One particularly unsettling aspect of the incident is that a number of the flyers were placed so that the printed portion faced inside through the Hillel Center’s windows, as if to communicate their hatred directly to those within the facility.

The defacement of Tufts Hillel notably occurred only days after radical freshman congresswoman, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn) tweeted that Congressional support for Israel is “all about the Benjamins”—a remark that led to widespread outrage and discussions about the growing acceptability of anti-Semitism on the Left.

In an interview with The Tufts Daily, Rabbi Brawer addressed the impact that the flyers had on Jewish students at Tufts: “It’s been a really unsettling experience for everyone here at Hillel. It shows us that bigotry and hatred are sadly alive and well, even on a university campus.”

Tufts University President Anthony Monaco did not immediately label the posters anti-Semitic—he later claimed to be unaware of the caption referencing Israel—but he did send out a campuswide email calling them “profoundly disturbing and hurtful to those targeted and to others in our community.”

Tufts has been featured on several of the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s past lists of the Top Ten Universities Who Support Terror. While under President Monaco’s leadership, Tufts University hosted the SJP National Conference in 2014, an infamous event which bars media and outsiders and features supporters of anti-Israel terrorism as speakers.

University of Michigan: Two Faculty Members Refuse to Write Letters of Recommendation for Students to Study in Israel 

In the Fall of 2018, not one but two instructors at the University of Michigan, one of the premier public universities in the nation, refused to write letters of recommendation for students planning to study abroad in Israel in deference to an academic boycott of Israeli universities which is part of the genocidal BDS movement.

One of those refusing the request was graduate student and teaching assistant Lucy Peterson.  When student Jake Seckler asked her for a recommendation to study abroad, she declared that she would be “delighted.” But upon learning that he was planning to enroll at Tel Aviv University, Peterson had an abrupt change of heart. “I’m so sorry that I didn’t ask before agreeing to write your recommendation letter, but I regrettably will not be able to write on your behalf. Along with numerous other academics in the U.S. and elsewhere, I have pledged myself to a boycott of Israeli institutions as a way of showing solidarity with Palestine,” she explained.

The previous month, another Michigan instructor, this one an associate professor of American Culture, John Cheney-Lippold, also rejected a student’s request for a letter supporting his application to study abroad in Israel, again citing his support for the academic boycott against Israel. Screenshots of Cheney-Lippold’s communication with the student, identified only as “Abigail,” reveal that his conflict is exclusively with the nation of Israel, not with recommending the student’s academic work. “As you may know, many university departments have pledged an academic boycott against Israel in support of Palestinians living in Palestine. This boycott includes writing letters of recommendation for students planning to study there,” Cheney-Lippold wrote to Abigail.

“I should have let you know earlier, and for that I apologize. But for reasons of these politics, I must rescind my offer to write your letter,” he added.

“Let me know if you need me to write other letters for you, as I’d be happy.”

In a later interview with the publication Inside Higher Ed, Cheney-Lippold asserted, “I firmly stand by the decision because I stand against inequality, I stand against oppression and occupation, I stand against apartheid and I use that word very, very seriously.”  He added, “I have extraordinary political and ethical conflict lending my name to helping that student go to that place [Israel].”

The U.S. Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel is part of the anti-Semitic BDS movement, an attempt to isolate, delegitimize, and ultimately destroy the Jewish state. The BDS movement is promoted and funded on American campuses by the anti-Israel terror groups Hamas and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).

Michigan President Mark Schlissel and Provost Martin Philbert released a statement criticizing the conduct of the two faculty members without mentioning names or details. “Withholding letters of recommendation based on personal views does not meet our university’s expectations for supporting the academic aspirations of our students,” the statement read. “Conduct that violates this expectation and harms students will not be tolerated and will be addressed with serious consequences. Such actions interfere with our students’ opportunities, violate their academic freedom and betray our university’s educational mission.”

According to the Detroit News, Chenney-Lippold has faced disciplinary consequences for his refusal, including the denial of a merit pay raise and the postponement of an upcoming sabbatical. It is unclear if instructor Peterson has also faced consequences.

Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), released a statement calling on “the University of Michigan to adopt a formal policy ensuring students’ academic pursuits are not stymied by the political views of their professors.”

“Boycotts such as these, refusing to recommend a worthy student solely because she intended to study in Israel, have a chilling effect on Jewish and pro-Israel students on campus, who may feel isolated and vulnerable when authority figures or campus groups express hostility or shun them based on their views and associations…” continued the statement. “Singling out Israel alone among all the nations of the world as worthy of boycott, according to the State Department working definition, potentially crosses the line from criticism of Israel to anti-Semitism.”

The University of Michigan is home to a highly active chapter of Students Allied for Freedom and Equality(SAFE), an SJP surrogate group which holds events supporting the BDS movement. Michigan also hosted the SJP National conference in 2012.

7. Ό,τι ακριβώς σας γράφαμε και λέγαμε!..


Israelis might want to consider whether today’s Germany is a friend or foe.

May 1, 2019

On May 2, 2019, Israel will observe Holocaust Remembrance Day. It would be a good time to re-examine the Jewish state’s relations with the Federal Republic of Germany, formerly Nazi Germany, a nation that perpetrated the greatest crime in history against Europe’s Jews, known as the Holocaust. Naturally, many Germans wish the memory of the Holocaust and its German perpetrators to go away and be forgotten. Young Germans do not wish to carry the burden of guilt for the most heinous crime in modern history.

Monetary reparation paid by the Germans to Holocaust survivors for the stolen properties of European Jews notwithstanding, reality today is that Berlin has not done more than lip service to “solidarity with Israel” and its claims of “Israel’s security being Germany’s raison d’état.” Germany has been a major contributor to anti-Israel resolutions at the UN General Assembly and other UN agencies. Germany moreover, has aided and abetted the genocidal Islamic Republic of Iran in evading U.S. sanctions.  Germany’s non-governmental agencies (NGO’s) supported by the German government fund various anti-Israel groups in the Palestinian Authority and in Israel itself.

According to the Gatestone Institute, Chancellor Angela Merkel has pressured other European Union states to refrain from moving their embassies from Tel Aviv to Israel’s capital – Jerusalem. Merkel not only rejected the Trump administration’s move to relocate the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, she has authorized the allotment of $100 million to the Palestinian Authority’s allocated budget of $300 million, for payment to Palestinian terrorists to kill Jews.

As the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs put it: “The Palestinian Authority’s (PA) legislation and allocation of monthly salaries and benefits rewarding imprisoned and released terrorists, and the families of “martyrs,” amount to $300 million annually. This financial reward clearly demonstrates the PA’s institutional commitment to sponsoring terror against Israel.”

The Jerusalem Post reported (September 6, 2016) that, “Germany’s Foreign Ministry told the head of the German-Israel parliamentary group that the PA likely uses funds (including German funds) to pay terrorists and their family members…The acknowledgment by the German government is believed to be the first Federal Republic’s statement that the PA aids terrorists and their families.”

Frank Muller-Rosentritt, a member of the German Bundestag (parliament) committee on foreign relations, representing the opposition Free Democratic Party (FDP) declared, “We must no longer let Israel down at the UN. It is madness that we are constantly on the side of countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia, or Yemen, against Israel.”

It is not only with UN resolutions that Germany sides with Israel’s enemies. Berlin funds anti-Israel Non-Governmental Agencies (NGO’s). The +972 Magazine of the Heinrich Boll foundation, a think-tank associated with the German Green Party, regularly accuses Israel of “Apartheid.” According to NGO-Monitor, the German government funding is one of the least transparent in Europe. Still, the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development funds Al-Haq through its program, the Civil Peace Service. Al-Haq, a Palestinian NGO, is the leader in the anti-Israel BDS (Boycotts, Divestments, and Sanctions) movement. It engages in legal warfare against Israel. Israel’s Supreme Court identified Al-Haq’s Director General Shawan Jabarin to be a senior activist in the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) terrorist group. The PFLP was designated as a terrorist organization by the European Union (EU).

Germany has increased its funding of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), which serves as an incubator for Palestinian terrorism. Moreover, Germany is undermining the Trump administration, which recently cut its support for UNRWA because it incites violence against Israel and harbors terrorists and their weapons. UNRWA is nurturing the notion of Palestinian “right of return,” which is incompatible with the idea of the Two-State solution that Germany allegedly supports.

The German police issued a report last August claiming that most of the anti-Semitic attacks in Germany were perpetrated by neo-Nazis. This report was undoubtedly directed by the German Federal government that seeks to hide the increasing jihadist terror attacks committed by many of the one million Muslim immigrants from the Middle East and Africa that Angela Merkel invited into Germany. This report was disputed by leaders of the German Jewish community who blamed the police for ignoring the vastly numerous anti-Semitic attacks by Muslims.

Another issue that reflects Germany’s hypocrisy is in dealing with Iran. Germany supports the Iranian regime in contravention with the U.S. efforts to isolate the murderous theocratic and oppressive regime.   A regime that vows repeatedly to destroy the Jewish state. Merkel supports the EU created “special purpose vehicle” mechanism to maintain its financial transactions with the Iranian regime, while deliberately undermining the U.S. imposed sanctions on Iran. Last September at the UN, Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu pointed out that, “Europe and others are appeasing Iran by trying to help it bypass those new (U.S.) sanctions. He had Germany on his mind.

Merkel has vowed time after time that “Israel’s security is not negotiable,” and yet, her government supports a regime that not only perpetrates terror worldwide, including Europe and Germany, but is also brutal toward its own people. Under the so-called “2015 nuclear deal or Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)” Iran is continuing to develop its military nuclear program as well as long range ballistic missiles that threatens Europe, and naturally Israel. Greed, rather than concern for global security, not to mention Israel’s security, motivates the German government.

In the meantime, anti-Semitism in Germany is raging. The Catholic daily La Croix headline (February 18, 2019) read, “Alarming rise of anti-Semitism in Germany.” The sub-heading stated that the “Arrival of thousands of immigrants from the Middle East evoked fears of a new anti-Semitism.” The paper went on to report that “New figures confirm the increase of anti-Semitic acts in Germany… According to provisional statistics, German police recorded 1,646 instances of anti-Semitism last year; that is 10 percent more than the previous year. Acts of violence against Jews rose by around two-thirds, from 37 to 62, with 43 people being physically attacked.” The La Croix article also quoted the president of Germany’s Bundestag, Wolfgang Schäuble as saying that it is “Shameful, the fact that German Jews are considering emigrating because they do not feel safe in our country.”

In their efforts to assuage their guilt and shake off the “stain on humanity” Nazi Germany committed, some of the younger generation Germans employ these days a shameful moral-equivalency. They are comparing Nazi-Germany’s treatment of Jews with Israel’s treatment of Palestinians. Such a comparison is not only outrageous, it is immoral. Israel has never gassed or murdered innocent Palestinians, as the Nazis did with Jews. Israeli hospitals do not discriminate against Palestinian-Muslim patients, nor are Palestinians required to wear Yellow Star bands as the Germans forced Jews to do. Israel never had nor will have concentration camps, labor camps, and certainly not death camps as the Nazi Germans did.  Furthermore, Israel has been sensitive to Palestinian poverty, and seeks to elevate Palestinian quality of life. The Israeli government has pursued ways to provide employment for Palestinians. Unfortunately, Palestinian terrorism has undermined this effort to a large extent. It has required Israel to use check-points and a separation wall to save lives. This sort of German moral-equivalency is an insult to Jewish Holocaust survivors in Israel, and to the truth.

On the upcoming Holocaust Remembrance Day, Israelis might want to consider whether today’s Germany is a friend or foe. One thing is clear, it is time to unmask Germany’s hypocrisy vis-à-vis Israel.



The venomous imagery and language that targets America, Israel, Jews and Trump supporters.

April 30, 2019

The April 25th international edition of the New York Times published an anti-Semitic cartoon that portrayed a blind President Trump being led by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu depicted as a dog with a Star of David collar around its neck. After widespread criticism for perpetuating anti-Semitic tropes the New York Times apologized and deleted the cartoon. Which only brought more attention to it.

Cartoons, words, images, symbols and gestures that individually seem trivial, collectively reveal a pattern of stealth anti-Semitism. These continual incidents are casually explained as anti-Semitic tropes. The use of the word trope minimizes the threat, sounds like an unintended blunder and sugarcoats the covert agenda. These are not simply anti-Semitic tropes they are symbolic warfare tactics used in global information operations that target America, Israel, Jews and Trump supporters. These tactics were successfully used by Hitler and subsequently adopted by Islamists. Symbolic language that evokes anti-Semitic conspiracy theories are skillfully being used by Congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib and sanctioned by democrat apologists to incite hatred against Jews, Israel and President Trump.

Islamist anti-Semitism adopted many Nazi themes and symbols in their propaganda including the strategy of depicting Jews as dirty, filthy, impure life-threatening agents of disease and corruption. Both Nazi ideology and Islam are based on doctrines of purity resulting in the use of specific language, symbols and fears to perpetuate anti-Semitic hatred. Stigmatizing Jews as filthy impure dogs is effective because Islamic purity rules inculcate a particularly potent version of a moral revulsion against the unclean other.

Islamic purification rules function to protect true believers from both physical and spiritual contamination by designating specific things as taboo and impure. These impure taboo things are referred to as najis. There are two kinds of najis: inherent, which cannot be cleansed, and acquired, which become unclean through contact with an inherently impure thing. Things that are inherently najis and cannot be purified include: alcohol, dogs, swine, dead animals that were not ritually slaughtered, blood, urine, semen, feces, milk of animals whose meat is forbidden, dead bodies and unbelievers. Anti-Semitic images depicting politicians as dogs or pigs are chosen to evoke visceral emotions of disgust, impurity and uncleanness.

Congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib understand the fear of impurity and have weaponized it. For this reason, symbols of Islamic impurity and the symbolism of contagion are found throughout anti-Semitic propaganda in both overt and subliminal images and language. Images of blood, pigs and dogs, all inherently impure unclean things, are often used by Islamists and frequently misinterpreted and perpetuated by Western Newspapers like the New York Times. Numerous political cartoons in which enemies are depicted or referred to as a dog, ape or pig are symbolic warfare tactics designed to evoke subliminal disgust emotions that evoke fear and incite violence.

This visceral reaction appeals to the unusual and accepted Islamic idea that Jews are descended from apes and pigs. For many this is not just symbolic or figurative derogatory speech but based on beliefs that Allah turned disobedient Jews into apes and pigs and that modern Jews are literally descended from them. Depicting Jews as the descendants of apes and pigs is extremely widespread in public discourse in the Arab and Islamic worlds which is why the New York Times cartoon depicted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a dog, symbolizing inherent unclean evil.

Symbolic warfare is most successful when evoking deep-seated feelings of disgust and arousing fears of contagious impurity. This is evident in the use of shoes in Muslim protests. Shoes are one of the quintessential symbols of Islamist impurity and are often used to insult politicians. Throughout the Muslim world shoes are considered ritually impure, they protect the person from coming in direct contact with feces, urine and other designated najis. They are dirty in more than the material sense of the word; they are the embodiment of spiritual impurity.  Shoes are often used in Islamist protests; held in the air, attached to, thrown at and standing on images of politicians. Images of President Trump and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with shoe prints and protesters standing on their faces is a very common form of protest. Throwing shoes at someone is the epitome of humiliation, the Western equivalent of having feces or urine thrown at you. Shoes spread spiritual disease; hence the intended target signifies infection by coming in contact with the unclean footwear, he is the epitome of impurity, the personification of defilement, and the embodiment of evil contamination. The target is viewed as dirtier and more impure than the shoes. This was epitomized in December 2008 when an Iraqi journalist Muntadhar al-Zeidi threw his shoes at President George W. Bush during a news conference in Baghdad, Iraq and shouted “This is a farewell kiss, you dog…”  President Bush was quick enough to duck and was not hit by the shoes but symbolically the incident was a successful strike and achieved its goal of insulting the President of the United States. In fact, it was a double insult because calling the President a dog also references impurity and uncleanness.

For Islamists, words are often meant as curse words in the traditional meaning of the term, specifically the belief that cursing someone will bring actual harms. Referring to non-believers as dirty filthy dogs and other derogatory unclean words is more than just an insult. It is a form of word magic that transforms the person into a lower status of less than human, an impurity that must be eradicated. If it were simply an insult, the name-calling could take the form of more mundane expressions such as stupid or ignorant infidel. In magical thinking words have power, and the anti-Semitic use of specific words marks the unbeliever as the polluted other.

Anti-Semitism goes beyond perpetuating tropes when it equates Jews with impurity. Impurity is symbolically contagious in many cultural contexts, including that of Nazism and Islam. Impurity signifies the other and is experienced both physically and spiritually as a mysterious and harmful substance of the outside world that keeps attacking, contaminating, defiling and desacralizing the sacred world of true believers. True believers have to protect themselves and their communities against this threat of defilement and to get rid of it once the contamination has taken place. Individuals have to cleanse themselves by means of various purification rites and cathartic practices, while communities cleanse themselves by excluding, expelling, or proscribing the things and people whose presence defiles the community. Those unclean things are Jews, Christians, Trump and Israel supporters.

Combined with the fundamental belief that impurity must be cleansed, relegating the other to dirt and disease makes it easier to commit violence. Symbolically, instead of harming a person you are just removing dirt, taking out the garbage. Name-calling prior to and during attacks symbolically functions as a method of transforming violence into a sacred cleansing ritual. There have been many incidents of anti-Semitic violence where the offender used phrases like dirty Jew to demonize the victims and legitimize the cruelty. This form of cursing transforms any potential feelings of remorse into righteousness.

The symbolism of blood in anti-Semitic media often appears in political cartoons, posters and in television programs as part of the classic blood libel myth that alleges that Jews murder and drink the blood of children for ritual purposes. Since human blood is intrinsically najis, blood libel represents the epitome of impurity. Dogs, pigs and blood are overt symbols of the impure other. A more insidious form of propaganda involves stigmatizing the other as infectious disease. It is a calculated tactic to evoke fears of contagion, death and annihilation. Contemporary infection libels are found in anti-Semitic and Palestinian television, cartoons and news reports that characterize Jews and Israel as a disease and a cancer. The symbolic warfare campaign to stigmatize Jews as infectious disease intensified in 2009 when Muslim and Arab media exploited the swine flu epidemic. Symbolically the swine flu was the perfect disease, a combination of an inherently impure animal and an infectious illness. Anti-Israel swine flu cartoons appeared in Arab and Muslim newspapers in Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom. A prominent theme of the cartoons was depicting Israeli leaders with faces of pigs. The incident was characterized by the media as classic anti-Semitic insults, but the subliminal message evoked fear of impurity from diseased others.

The fear of infectious impurity corresponds with several full-blown Muslim conspiracy theories claiming that the West infected Muslims with diseases. Allegations include Jews deliberately infecting Palestinians with AIDS and drug addictions, Americans lacing polio vaccines with anti-fertility agents to sterilize Muslims, that Egypt’s peace treaty with Israel resulted in increased instances of hepatitis, cancer and kidney infections and that America infected Africans with AIDS through Christian missionary groups by putting the virus in medicine used to inoculate people. The conspiracy theory that Americans were lacing polio vaccines to sterilize Muslims resulted in an epidemic of polio in sixteen Muslim countries in Africa and Asia where polio had been eradicated.

Anti-Semitic symbolic warfare is flourishing. Once the trope, cartoon, image or conspiracy theory is injected into the internet, apologies only serve to spread the propaganda further. Anti-Semitism is the real highly contagious virus and U.S. Congresswomen, their democrat apologists and propaganda arms like the New York Times are all carriers of the disease.


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10. Στις 05-05-2019 ο ΓΓ/ΝΑΤΟ στην Τουρκία! Ανησύχησε και ορθώς ο πράγματι σοβαρός Κος Στόλτενμπεργκ με το διαγωνιστικό μας σενάριο και πάει στον ΡΤΕ να μάθει ΚΑΙ για εμάς!..

11. Μπορούν οι Η.Π.Α. να μας πουν αν συμφωνήθηκε στην τελευταία συνομιλία των Μπόλτον – Καλίν να επισκεφθεί ο Κος ΤΡΑΜΠ την Άγκυρα και αν ναι πότε;

[Ανησυχούν και οι Η.Π.Α. φίλοι μου, για ΤΟ(!) απονενοημένο τουρκικό -κατά της Ελλάδος- πιθανό στρ-κό διάβημα, με προτέρα… εσωτερική της Ελλάδος… μπουρδελοποίηση]! Θυμάστε που σας έλεγα ότι το αστείο θα είναι η Τουρκία να επιτεθεί τελικά στην χώρα μας, με… εντολή Ρωσίας;

– Άραγε οι Πρέσβεις μας και οι Ακόλουθοι Άμυνάς μας σε Μόσχα και σε Άγκυρα, έμαθαν τα όσα συζήτησαν στην τελευταία τους επαφή οι Κοι ΡΤΕ και Πούτιν);

12. Κε ΤΡΑΜΠ!

Μπες επιτέλους στην Βενεζουέλα και ΕΛΕΥΘΕΡΩΣΕ ΤΗΝ! Τους Ρώσους δε, στείλε τους πίσω στην χώρα τους!.. Πολλοί οι Κομμουνιστές Δικτάτορες στην… αυλή σου, όπως και πολλοί ακόμα οι τύραννοι στον Πλανήτη μας!..