Syrian colonel Amjad Ali. (screenshot)
Amjad Ali

Israel’s most recent strike on Iranian military targets operating in Syria reportedly eliminated a Amjad Ali, a colonel in brutal Syrian dictator Bashar Assad’s Army.

By United with Israel Staff

Over the weekend, Israeli airstrikes allegedly targeted Iranian military personnel in Syria, a country that allows the Islamic Republic’s terror forces to operate freely on Israel’s door step.

Reports from within Syria indicated that five casualties resulted from the strikes on Damascus.

On Tuesday, one of the casualties was named as Amjad Ali, a colonel in the Syrian Army. Ali was identified in a tweet by Joe Truzman of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD), an expert in Mideast security and the region’s terror groups.

According to Truzman, “[Ali] was among those killed in the Israeli strikes in Syria. There are some unsubstantiated claims he worked at the Syrian Scientific Studies and Research Center. Other claims say he was killed in an attack against a radar station in a different area.”

The commander-in-chief of the army Ali served is none other than Syrian dictator Bashar Assad, who is known as “The Butcher of Damascus” due to the atrocities he has committed against the Syrian people. Over the years, Assad has permitted Tehran’s tentacles to reach deep into Syria, using it as a base for Iranian weapons, which are often shipped to the Hezbollah terror group in Lebanon

After reports at the end of 2022 about Iran was transferring weapons to Hezbollah via civilian flights, Israel allegedly warned Lebanon that it would disable Beirut International Airport through military means.

On January 2, 2023, Israel allegedly fired missiles at the Damascus Airport, shutting it down temporarily, killing two soldiers, and wounding two other fighters, according to the Syrian Army. The attack was the second within a little over half a year to stop service at Damascus Airport. While Israel did not confirm or deny the strike, it has on multiple occasions targeted Syrian infrastructure used to transport Iranian arms to the Jewish state’s doorstep.

Back in June, Israeli airstrikes damaged the Damascus Airport’s runways, shutting it down for two weeks. In September, Israeli fighters struck Aleppo Airport, knocking it out of service for several days.

Despite the military threat posed by Syria, an Israeli medical team recently treated Syrian earthquake victims.

“We have been treating Syrians, people who were injured in the earthquake and people who just needed care,” IDF Lt.-Col. Dr. Ofer Almog told TPS. “We’re happy to, because we have the opportunity to help these unfortunate [people].”